Cheryl Vargas

Founder/creative in chief

Self-portrait, Cheryl (2016) Colored pencil on colored paper. 16"x20". Private collection. My first major drawing.

Cheryl Vargas switched from painting “happy little trees” with Bob Ross to picking up a brush and starting Studio 928 in 2018. Cheryl shares her love for art with leadership and their teams, addressing our primal need to create.

Like many budding young artists she was told that art wasn’t a real career, that artists starve and that she needed a “fall-back” career to survive, so she chose event planning. Despite  that career she’s been an artist for 20+ years.

An avid problem solver and ideator, she attributes her quick thinking to being fully submerged in art on a regular basis.

She promises to make you a better painter after just one class.

Saddle Shoes (2020) Acrylic on canvas

Some art work I've done for fun!

frida kahlo and fulang-chang
Frida and Chang. (2021) Pastel on canvas. 24"x48"
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frida kahlo in abstract pastel
For the Love of Frida (2021) Pastel on canvas. 16"x20"
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The Color of Music (2020) Acrylic on canvas. 18"x24" and up.
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