Accidental Meditation

Have you ever enjoyed doing something so much that you…

Lost track of time?

Forgot to eat?

Forgot to drink?

Sat in one spot for so long your butt fell asleep?

Didn’t want to stop doing it?

Felt the sun go down?

Lost awareness of your surroundings?

Only stopped because you couldn’t keep your eyes open?

When that happens you’re in a state of accidental meditation.

I just made that up.

It happens when I create art.

It happens when YOU create art.

Your blood pressure lowers.

Seratonin and dopamine and endorphins are released.

Those are the “feel good” hormones.

Everyone can experience this meditative state,

without intentionally setting out to meditate.

Cheryl Vargas

Owner/creative in chief

Studio 928 is the culmination of many years of melding together art, technology, event planning and teaching into a business Cheryl, her team and her clients love.

A Hoosier native and Chicago area resident, she is a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and event planner. She loves portraiture—primarily acrylics, but also pastels, graphite and watercolors.

Her sculpted art brings out the beauty in the very things which pollute and clutter our environment, primarily plastics and containers.

She holds a BA in Graphic Arts from Concordia University in River Forest, IL. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and visiting with friends and of course creating art and helping young artists “believe”.

Original Works

For the Love of Frida (2021) Pastel on canvas. 16"x20" Click for prints and other merchandise.
Self-portrait, Cheryl (2016) Colored pencil on colored paper. 16"x20". Private collection.
Frida and Chang. (2021) Pastel on canvas. 30"x40" Click image for purchasing options
The Color of Music (2020) Acrylic on canvas. 16"x20" Click image for purchasing options

Our Staff

Chelsea Hongisto

Creative Assistant

A versatile, Renaissance-level, creative. Chelsea is the powerhouse behind the social media and graphic design for Studio 928. She's an artist, sculptor, and can drive big trucks! She enjoys spending time with her family, creating her own art and being the best cat mom ever. Chelsea holds a BA in Graphic Design from Spring Arbor University. Pic: Chelsea in one of her favorite places, nature.

Madison Lester

Art/Production Assistant

Madison is awesome at customer service and managing our kit and live production services. She's also on her school's yearbook committee, on the tennis, band and basketball teams. She's a busy creative woman who is surely going to make her mark in the world. Pic: In the Studio 928 booth at the La Grange, IL Craft Fair.

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