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A Funny Thing Happened to Me On the Way

to Becoming a Website Designer…

Before Ms. Mocek’s drawing class in 2016, I never believed I was an artist despite having been an artist since the age of 12.

You may wonder, how is it possible to have lived your life creating art without considering yourself an artist? And how did you go from that belief to earning your living as an artist at the ripe young age of 60?

Well, as an impressionable young person I listened to career counselors, watched tv programs, listened to the media and even some in the art community saying things like “you don’t want to be a starving artist”, “you’ll need a fallback career path” and my personal favorite, “ART isn’t a career, you need a real job”. 

So I got a job! For many years, I was fortunate to work as an event planner (a CMP) while simultaneously starting a succession of businesses trying to find my THING, my passion. All of my business attempts were creative in one way or another, but they all failed. Determined to find my THING, I took my love for creating websites to the next level by enrolling in a graphic design program at Concordia University Chicago.

When Ms. Mocek said to me, “Cheryl, you’re an artist!”, that statement literally changed my life. I saved a raggedy piece of paper on which she says, “How exciting for you to discover your drawing ability”.

Betty Mocek Note
Ms. Mocek's actual note! A little dog-eared yes, but a valuable momento nonetheless.

Sadly, prior to Ms. Mocek, I just never believed I would ever be a good enough artist to make a living at it.

My last semester at university, armed with a newly acquired confidence in my artistic abilities, I attended a Self Employment in the Arts conference where a young woman pitched a paint party business for kids and I thought, I want to do THAT!  But with WINE, for adults! 

So when I graduated from Concordia in May 2018 and after a much needed vacation to Cuba, I started Studio 928 in June of 2018.

Creating art has by far been the most successful, rewarding and enjoyable venture of my life. To think I could have been enjoying this for so many years if I’d only followed my heart and my first love, ART. 

We only have ONE life to live. I don’t want YOU to ignore the art inside of you!

Do what you have to do in life, but don’t push your art out of the picture. Look at all of the time I could have been “in joy”.  

At the very least, do ART! (maybe with us) Then….do art often and see where your joy takes you!

Cheryl Vargas

Owner/creative in chief

Studio 928 is the culmination of many years of melding together art, technology, event planning and teaching into a business Cheryl, her team and her clients love.

A Hoosier native and Chicago area resident, she is a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and event planner. She loves portraiture—primarily acrylics, but also pastels and graphite.

Her sculpted art brings out the beauty in the very things which pollute and clutter our environment, primarily plastics and containers.

She holds a BA in Graphic Arts from Concordia University in River Forest, IL. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and visiting with friends and of course creating art and helping young artists “believe”.

Self-portrait, Cheryl (2016) Colored pencil on colored paper. 16"x20". Private collection.
For the Love of Frida (2021) Pastel on canvas. 16"x20" Click for prints and other merchandise.
Frida and Chang. (2021) Pastel on canvas. 30"x40" Click image for purchasing options
The Color of Music (2020) Acrylic on canvas. 16"x20" Click image for purchasing options

Chelsea Hongisto

Creative Assistant

A versatile, Renaissance-level, creative. Chelsea is the powerhouse behind the social media and graphic design for Studio 928. She's an artist, sculptor, and can drive big trucks! She enjoys spending time with her family, creating her own art and being the best cat mom ever. Chelsea holds a BA in Graphic Design from Spring Arbor University. Pic: Chelsea in one of her favorite places, nature.

Madison Lester

Art/Production Assistant

Madison is awesome at customer service and managing our kit and live production services. She's also on her school's yearbook committee, on the tennis, band and basketball teams. She's a busy creative woman who is surely going to make her mark in the world. Pic: In the Studio 928 booth at the La Grange, IL Craft Fair.

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