Artistic Team Building Activities

We’ll create a one-of-a-kind team building activity that fosters collaboration, connecting, creativity, and problem-solving through ART.

Everyone loves art! But rarely do we find time for art.

Imagine your team working together creating, laughing, bonding and then raving about the awesome time spent ARTworking.

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Read the case study about how we turned a 9 foot recycled sculpture commission into a major team-building event!

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“The Great Bristol Pineapple”

Artistic Team Building Experience

Bristol Global Mobility

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona - 2019

Challenge: Design a sculpture that includes an interactive team-building activity for Bristol’s first annual conference in San Diego, CA,  for 150 participants.

Solution in Brief: Our research revealed that the Arizona based client uses a vast network of suppliers and that copper, is one of the 5 C’s, on which Arizona’s economy was built.

We designed an efficient and fun process that allowed for each participant to create a copper “pineapple person” within a 2- hour time window, each representing an individual in the vast network of companies and people that interacted with Bristol.

The finished “pineapple people” were tagged, shipped to Chicago and attached to the completed sculpture.

The completed sculpture is comprised of 14,000 feet of copper wire, 100 feet of copper coil, 270 recycled 2-liter bottles, a recycled rain barrel, recycled tires, is roughly 8′ 9″ tall and lights from within.

“What a great experience”. – Rob Corcoran

“Fun collaboration activity”. – Jill O’Neill

Cheryl and her team created an artworking environment, where we as
individuals came together to expand our thinking with regard to teamwork and collaboration. We created, collaborated, and connected; and had so much fun in the process!

We later learned that each “pineapple person” would be a part of a sculpture commissioned by Bristol to be displayed at their corporate headquarters. Our art would live on!

And as a result of Studio 928’s art experience, I learned that I too can be creative given the right environment!

Debbie Schreppel, GMS

Relocation Director, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Artistic Team Building Activities

Walk away with inspiration and clarity.

Using our in-depth research process we get to the heart of your organization to deliver an art based event that everyone will talk about and remember.

The Research is Clear

Creating art can be a powerful stress reducer. 

Research shows that being in the creative “zone” promotes laser-focus and a relaxed state of mind.

Let us help you inspire your team to greatness, stimulate their creative muscles and bring art into your workflow. We handle the minutia of event planning details so that everyone enjoys the experience.

Share your objectives with us, and we’ll create an out-of-the-office, out-of-the-box team-building experience they will be talking about long after the paint dries.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Artistic team building activities are exciting, interactive, memorable and most importantly, fun! Yet they can also be very calming if desired.

We’ve experienced that ART: