Art Reduces Stress and is Available Without a Prescription

Art, the Anti-stress Drug- Available without a Prescription YES! I’m with Bob Ross, noted television artist on public television stations in the 70’s. I could spend all afternoon watching him. His calming voice, his encouraging words and his FAN brush made me want to create! “It’s the process, not the end product,” says Megan Carleton, an […]

Tips For a Fun, Problem-Free Zoom Virtual Paint and Sip

Tips for a Fun, Problem-free Zoom Virtual Paint Party By Cheryl Vargas Today, like most of the world, Art Studio 928 paint parties and classes are taking place in a Zoom room! A Zoom virtual paint and sip is much different than an in-person, 3D paint and sip.  Why? Because you can SEE everything that […]

5 Things I Learned About Business Survival Thanks to #COVID19

Business Survival Depends on Having Multiple Avenues of Income Its been a Godsend for me to have planned for #painttogokits and #onlinepainting” in my bag of tricks.Collaborate with a friend or associate to figure out new ways to package the same service or to create a new service or product offering. The Creative Mind Never Stops Creating & […]

My Garrett’s Popcorn Hack

How do you know how much to buy? Apparently, its not good business for Garrett to list on its website how many pounds and/or ounces of popcorn you’re paying for. It’s all very confusing. And if you want to buy popcorn for a small crowd as I did, you could pay over $150 for popcorn […]