Here are some of our most commonly asked questions answered for you right here! 

The length of your virtual paint party is typically 2 hours.

Yes, we ship our Time for Art kits directly to each guest after you submit their addresses via the SHIPPING TEMPLATE provided after payment is received.

We suggest allowing 10-12 business days for processing and shipping.

We can hold your date for 48 hours from the time you completed your inquiry. After that time it will be released to inventory.

In some cases, we will offer you First Right of Refusal in the event there is another inquiry about your date.

Unfortunately, no.  Payments are made by the booking party/event planner.

We start processing your order after receiving your deposit.

  1. Select an image.
  2. Submit guest addresses using the shipping address template.
  3. Make payment. (We’ll set up a private event portal where all of your forms and invoices are accessible.)

Unfortunately, no.  We can only ship your kits once payment is received through the private event portal.

Just fill out this simple form and we’ll be happy to not only send you a link to our image library, but check available dates for you as well. And if you don’t see something you like, we’re happy to provide a custom image.

At the time of this writing, our Time for Art kits are $50 per person with $10 flat rate shipping via USPS 1-3 day priority shipping with a minimum of 10 guests.

  • Our 9×12 canvas
  • thick-bodied acrylic paint
  • flat and round art student brushes
  • carbon paper
  • traceable image
  • reference image
  • palette trays
  • palette knife
  • multi-camera angles (Cameras on the painting, paint mixing, the instructor, brush technique and on-screen trivia)
  • customized trivia for each group
  • your instructor & producer
  • a recording of your event
  • and group photos

Your projected packing and shipping dates will be in your event portal.
You’ll receive a shipment advice with tracking numbers to track your shipments.

We use FedEx to expedite last-minute shipments to guests (fee dependent on FedEx charges).
There is a $40 rush-handling fee + the cost of the kit/per guest.

  • Some reasons for delays include inaccurate addresses, delays in receiving shipping addresses and image selections or USPS delays.
  • For these reasons, we only accept bookings where we can allow for 10-12 business days prior to shipping.
  • Additionally, we ask that you proof and double proof shipping addresses and do not use abbreviations.
  • If corrections or additions to your original list are required, we request that you personally make those corrections in your spreadsheet.
  • We provide our host/event planners with timelines to coincide with USPS 1-3 day priority allowing cushion days for shipment.
  • So typically you’ll receive your shipments 3-5 days prior to your event.
  • Its essential to stick to those suggested deadlines for providing your IMAGE and SHIPPING ADDRESSES to ensure that we can
  • process your order in a timely manner.
  • Once your order is shipped and tracking numbers are provided, its up to USPS to get your packages to their destinations.
  • Though rare, if kits are not received in time, we can resend a shipment, however, the above rush-handling and FedEx fees will apply.
  • Additionally, your guests will have access to the recording to paint their image at a later time once their kit is received.

We provide the Zoom link about 72 hours prior to your event or earlier if you need it.

Unless otherwise noted, your instructor will be Cheryl Vargas.

Your event is 100% private.

Unless otherwise noted, each guest is provided carbon paper and tracing paper to transfer their image to the canvas during the class.

Sure, if you like we can make the room available 15 minutes prior to your start time for mingling and tech checks.

  • We welcome your guests, introduce ourselves, and offer the host a moment to say a few words.
  • Then we get started with painting and trivia!
  • In some cases, if requested, guests can take a moment to introduce themselves as well.
  • If guest numbers are large, this may extend the time of your event and an additional fee may apply.

Completing your Event Questionnaire gives us background on your
guests so that we can tailor the questions and the lively banter to suit your crowd.
We recommend that you complete the questionnaire as soon as you have access to your client portal.

We pride ourselves on starting 100% on time. With the host’s/event planner’s permission, we will wait up to 5 minutes for stragglers. But since we often have multiple events in a day, we have to forge ahead.

But we record every session and your guests can have 72 hours of access or more if needed.

  • We suggest and offer paintings that are beginner level.  
  • We do our best to check in with guests to see if they need extra help or have questions.  
  • Additionally, the sessions are recorded to give slower guests access to the instructions.

Yes, while waiting for the class to start. Guests are invited to play their own tunes with their sound muted. On occasion when requested, we can play “easy listening” music to nurture the creative muse.

A piece of newspaper or something larger than our 9×12 canvas will suffice.
But painting is not as messy as people think. If spilled acrylic paint is immediately sponged or toweled off of clothing, it typically will not stain.
More detailed instructions will be included in your Zoom invite

Sure! We take a group photo of everyone, a 5-second LIVE photo and we provide a link to your recorded video session as well as a link to the photos.

Your video will typically take 48 hours to process after editing but you will receive the link to the upload within 48 hours of your event
though the video may still be processing, you’ll still be able to access it.

So what do you think? Did we answer all of your questions? No? Feel free to call us at
630-240-9092 or email events@studio928.net