LuxeBrush: A Pampered Painting Experience

Best for brides, sorors,
and girl groups.

Workshop Description

Indulge in a 4-hour LuxeBrush acrylic painting experience in downtown Chicago. With an art studio designed to accommodate 12-20 participants, our skilled instructor will lead you through the painting process. We’ll begin with a 30-minute meditation and energize the space with positive vibes. All the necessary materials, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages are provided. Our luxurious amenities include cozy seating, blankets, and a professional massage therapist for mini-massages. At the end, you’ll leave with a unique painting

Mimic the Masters: An Immersive Museum Painting Experien

Best for teams and specialty groups

Workshop Description

Join us for Mimic the Masters, an immersive painting experience at a local museum. Explore the art world with us over 6-8 hours, viewing an easy-to-reproduce style of painting such as abstract or Bauhaus. After a guided tour and leisurely lunch, learn to paint the selected piece with personalized instruction from

The Leadership Pale

Best for leadership and teams looking for growth, connection and engagement.

Workshop Description

A unique and innovative type of programming that uses art as a tool to teach important leadership and teamwork skills. The Leadership Palette workshop combines interactive group activities with acrylic painting on canvas to create an engaging and dynamic learning experience that results in artwork fit for display in one-day workshop.