A Virtual
Art Event Your Team
Will Love!

A top-shelf art experience!

The simple act of creating art excites and ignites the human spirit while putting us in spiritual flow! 

Many of us don’t get time to create every day, so we miss out on the joy of art.

We help creative teams make time for art using watercolors, acrylics, and pastels paint.

When we paint with your team, we stimulate their idea-makers,  tickle their “possibilities-magnet” while zapping their “happy-generators” (endorphins) resulting in better creative visualization in all aspects of life including our families, future, and careers.

Additionally, ART gives us insane hormonal and mind-bending benefits in a relatively short amount of time, usually 2 hours or less.

Imagine gifting your team with a “creative boost” on a monthly basis!

What's in your art box?

Professional Grade Art Materials

  • We’ve searched for years to source the highest quality materials to give you the BEST TOOLS for your art experience.
  • Everything from the pallet knife, brushes (a round brush, a flat brush, and in some cases a fan brush for our Bob Ross-styled paintings), to our privately sourced acrylic paints, to the stretched canvas or canvas board was selected to give you the best tools for each art project.
  • Additional Options: Easel, apron, drinkware and wine.
  • Each student who completes a session with us leaves with a wall-worthy piece of art and transferrable art skills in 2 hours or less.


  • We believe ART is the first path-finding step to improving company culture across every industry.

Art: The Natural Team Builder

Creating art as a team exponentially increases our CONNECTIONS to one another in a way that only music and being in nature does. Your teams...

• Get to know each other

• See another side of their co-workers

• Experience happy hormone release

• Creative juices flow

• Discover common ground

• Become better at creative thinking, problem-solving  and ideating

• Experience a meditative flow

• Become Brand Ambassadors for your company

Our Images: Choice of watercolor, acrylic or pastel paints

Acrylic paintings unless other wise indicated.

_April-Showers Water_Acrylic

J. Holston Mimic the Masters (TM) water/acrylic

_Jacob-Lawrence-Harlem Renaissance

Jacob Lawrence Harlem Renaissance


Lois Mailou Jones girls with baskets


Abstract Watercolor

African Girls Dance

African Girls Dance


Blue Bird water/acrylic

bob ross style winter painting

Bob Ross Style Winter Painting


Butterfly water/acrylic

color of orange

Color of Orange


Color of Music Treble Cleft

Copy of lady-in-red-small-cheryl-vargas

Lady in Red

Copy of pink-and-bubbly-signature-sm

Pink-and Bubbly Signature

Cornflower - water-acrylic

Cornflower - Water Acrylic


Fall, Books, Me

flower truck cn also be winter truck

Flower Truck


Frida Kahlo Painting


Cardinal water/acrylic


Lady of Seville


Lips Water Acrylic


Parrot Pair (water/acrylic)


Magritte Mimic Masters(TM)

Jane Avril (1899) print in high resolution by Henri de Toulouse–Lautrec. Original from The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Jane Avril (1899)

Mimic the masters-bob-ross-fall

Mimic the masters Bob Ross Fall

murmuration final



Paint Kit


OKeefe-Mimic Masters

Order wine for your team

Order wine

Our paint and brush sets-2

Our Paint and Brush Set


Mimic the masters Bob Ross Fall





Pick a cupcake



Poinsettia Plant Christmas



purple haze-pastels only

Purple Haze Pastels

Studio 928 Mothers-day-paint

Mothers-Day Paint


Summer in December

thankful pumpkins

Thankful Punkins (water/pastel/acrylic)

the wave-pastels only

The Wave Pastels

winter valentine 1

Winter Valentine

winter valentine 1

Winter Valentine

winter valentine 1

Winter Valentine

Mr. Martini, "How about some wine"?


Get wine shipped directly to your team!

A portion of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice.

We handle the details!