Art Box for 2

Take time for art with an art box for 2 Art is more fun when you do it together.

We’re super proud of our high quality acrylic paints and paint brushes. We believe when you have the right tools for the right project you’re bound to have a successful painting.  And when you add expert video instruction, well you can’t go wrong!

Your artbox for 2 contains

  • (2) 8×10 Canvases
    (2) thick-bodied acrylic paint sets with all the colors needed for any painting
    (2) Palette knives
  • 4 Palette trays
  • A Traceable image
  • Two Studio 928 brush sets
  • A Reference image
  • Transfer paper to put your image to canvas


We recommend:

When you’ve selected the date night for your art box for two:

Prepare your surface by putting down some newspaper, paper towels or a fancy table cloth covered in clear plastic

Grab your favorite wine or beverage

Water containers (2) to rinse your paint brushes

A pen or pencil to transfer your image

Some music to paint by

And a super positive attitude to complete your painting

OH and don’t forget to HASHTAG Studio 928 for a chance to be selected as Artist of the Week!~


Choose from:

  • Frida
  • Thankful
  • Winter
  • Color of Music
  • Snowperson