Art Boxes with Acrylic Paint, Canvas and Brushes

You’ll have the perfect tools for creating your acrylic masterpiece with our customized thick-bodied acrylic art box and brush sets. Our art studio is black-owned, WBE and MBE certified headed by our creative in chief, Cheryl Vargas.


🎨The Paint 🎨

We searched for high-quality, thick-bodied acrylic paint. We found a paint with a butter-smooth texture with intensely pigmented colors that everyone will enjoy using.

Additionally, the acrylic paint sets are designed to be:

•and to endure international shipping.

💥The Brushes💥

The smooth-handled professional-grade, gold-tipped brushes are the real deal!

🖌We sourced a medium-weighted, soft and fine-bristled round brush perfect for detailing and finessing small spaces.

🖌The flat wash brush was carefully selected as the perfect tool for creating straight lines and covering large areas.

🖌And finally, my very favorite…a stiff-bristled fan brush, perfect for our Bob Ross-styled landscape scenes allowing users to skillfully render mighty forest trees and shrubbery.

Also included:

  • 9″x 12″ canvas
  • Palette knife
  • 2 Palette Trays