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So feel free to browse my personal recommendations and then come back and paint with us.
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Build your own kit!

These are my favorite Amazon products. Just grab a canvas or two, some brushes and paint and you’re good to go. I picked the best stuff for you.


I own all of these brushes and they’re all great! We use the blue ones for beginners paint classes. The Craftamo set has been with me for six years and would be great for a frequent painter. But I also like the Artify set because its “Bob Ross ready” with that 2″ and fan brush included! OH and the ZEM brush set is awesome for drawing effortless straight lines.

Brushes For Beginners

Brushes For Intermediate to Advanced

All I’m going to say is that Art Sherpa brushes are the BOMB. You’ll turn instantly into a pro! No, seriously!


You can paint ON anything, but don’t skimp on paint quality. You’ll find it can get in the way of achieving your goals.

These brands are the best, IMHO from medium quality Craftamo and Liquitex to top of the line Golden, you’ll be happy choosing one of these.


These are nice to have, but not essential.

Palette paper is used for mixing paint.

Laid upon a paper plate or acrylic palette, it prevents paint loss and makes after painting clean up easy.

Palette – Because you can PEEL the paint off!


Palette Paper

Palette Knives

Palette with Airtight Lid Keeps Paint Wet Fresh for Days


Desktop easel or standing easel? Do you even NEED an easel? I like easels for BIG artwork. Though when my son gifted me the briefcase-style easel, I officially became an artist!


The best canvas to use for your art is the one you can afford.

These are great and so are the ones from Michaels and Joann’s.

Use canvas BOARD to practice on and stretched canvas for work to be displayed. We will be using the Arteza Box canvas for our intermediate classes.

My Go-to Book for Learning to Draw

I used Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad book to teach my comic book artist son how to draw. I tell everyone who wants to learn how to draw to get this book.