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Team-building and art?

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Studio 928 Case Studies

I’m Lovin’ It – Chicago Style

Team Building Art


McDonald’s Headquarters, Chicago, IL

Challenge: Culminate a day of meetings with a team-building art activity that would be energizing and inspiring. Design an image that would WOW McDonald’s world-renowned in-house design Studio 123! 

Approach: Meetings with design staff challenged us with taking existing McDonald’s icons and making one of them interesting and new.  We researched the company’s history and characters and presented several options. 

Solution:  The team lead loved Chicago Style Fries! We created McDonald’s trivia to gel with the activity and customized decor to the event.

Results: Getting in synch with the design team culture, we staged a fun team-building art critique session where the most creative fries were selected and awarded a prize. The afternoon was electric with laughter and joy and we were asked to return for a new event.


“I had a wonderful experience working with Studio 928! We wanted a celebration for our team with a custom image reflecting our international brand. The outcome was amazing! From the stylized imagery to the historical brand trivia and the tech package that allowed us to make it a hybrid event. We’ve already scheduled a second event with Studio 928 and we hope to continue to work with Cheryl and her team in the future!”
Mark Phair
Account Lead – Agency 123, McDonald’s Corporation

We love the brainstorming process! Incorporating the ideology of the team, the company’s history, and team personality there’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating something fresh and new! Its easy to work with us, try us out!

Cultural Artifact – The Great Pineapple

Team Building Art


Bristol Global Mobility Phoenix, AZ


After determining the demographics of our audience, the company’s mission, vision and history we were able to hone in on the direction of the sculpture.

We suggested using recycled materials to coincide with the company’s values of having empathy for the environment to win the design bid.


“I can’t even draw a stick figure” – We took this frequently voiced objection to creating art and turned it into the main character of the pineapple. At the San Diego conference, 150 guests created 150 copper stick figures that were incorporated into the design of the pineapple. A fun and efficient way of supplying the client with a team-building art experience.

team creating art


The client and their guests were able to enjoy an art experience during their conference that resulted in rave reviews and 150 copper stick men. They problem-solved, created, laughed, and engaged with each other. We completed the sculpture, which glowed from within, in 3 months. A map of the stick men on the sculpture allowed for each attendee to find their stick man on the pineapple.

The project was packed and shipped to Arizona for the unveiling at the 2020 annual conference which was rescheduled for 2023.

What a wonderful surprise it was to learn that we were suiting up with aprons, gloves and goggles to create little copper stick men! We got detailed instructions LIVE from Cheryl and her team as well as video instructions that looped throughout the event. The finished scultpure is just unbelieveable and I’m so proud to say that I personally helped create it!
Debbie- Schreppel
Director, Relocation

Our delightful team of artists, love what they do and it shows in how we interact with your team! We consistently make executives, planners and their teams happy!

Team Building Art

On Demand


Credit Acceptance, Southfield MI

Challenge:  Keeping a 95% remote team engaged with co-workers.

Approach: After meeting with the event organizer for CA, we created a series of images tailored for onboarding, teambuilding, celebrations and connecting remote teams.

Solution: Our designs addressed an array of objectives from fostering diversity and inclusion to nurturing the seamless onboarding experience for new employees.

The culmination of our efforts manifested in a beautifully curated “lookbook” , shared within the organization. Managers were then able to handpick immersive experiences that resonated with their unique objectives.

Results: We continue to garner five-star reviews from more than 15 departments while igniting sparks of inspiration, creativity, joy and relaxation to an ever growing number of employees during our three-year relationship.

Credit Acceptance - Thankful Pumpkins
Art Studio 928 has been a pivotal part of our team-building activities since the pandemic. Since our company transitioned to a hybrid workplace, most of our team members work from home. We wanted to maintain camaraderie within our teams and Cheryl’s virtual art classes have proven to be a hit. I create quarterly lookbooks so management knows what virtual options are available to their teams and Cheryl has been very helpful in customizing projects to suit our company’s needs.
Cynthia Burton
Senior Team Member Experience Coordinator

Team Building Art

Holiday Watercolor Express


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA

Challenge:  Delight and engage 3 different remote teams across the United States with holiday-spirit-inducing 45-minute watercolor painting sessions!

Approach: Created a series of designs simple enough for beginner painters in the medium typically known as the medium of “the masters”, watercolors. Sourced artist quality watercolor sets  an supplies.

Solution: Seven designs were submitted and three chosen.  A watercolor palette, watercolor greeting cards, traceable images and Studio 928 art brushes were shipped to international attendees.

Results: Each group was able to enjoy learning in a very short amount of time how to flow watercolors to achieve the delicate aesthetic on their greeting cards to share with family and friends. They reveled in the holiday trivia and continue to seek out Studio 928. 

“We had the most amazing experience working with Cheryl! She created a wonderful event for our school that our students and staff both really enjoyed. We hope to continue to work with Art Studio 928 in the future and we are so grateful to Cheryl for sharing her expertise and talent with our community!”
David Richards
Senior Event Manager

Creating, ideating and customizing is what we do best!  Give us a concept, something that’s never been done before and we’ll make it happen!

Onboarding the Snooterns


Reddit – Houston, TX

Challenge: Give the iconic Reddit icon a new look for the oncoming cohort of interns, known as Snooterns.

Approach: Work with the Emerging Talent Manager to create a design that would pass muster with the in-house marketing team.

Solution: The Snooterns painted the Reddit icon with a mortarboard symbolizing completion of the program while they interacted answering trivia questions and getting acquainted remotely.

Results: The team was delighted with their work and shared it extensively on Instagram and Linkedin. The results were needless to say, a iconic!

Reddit - Snootern
“We had the most amazing experience working with Cheryl! She created a wonderful event for our school that our students and staff both really enjoyed. We hope to continue to work with Art Studio 928 in the future and we are so grateful to Cheryl for sharing her expertise and talent with our community!”
Deitrick Franklin
Manager, Emerging Talent
“We had the most amazing experience working with Cheryl! She created a wonderful event for our school that our students and staff both really enjoyed. We hope to continue to work with Art Studio 928 in the future and we are so grateful to Cheryl for sharing her expertise and talent with our community!”
Katie Miller
Assistant Campus Minister and Theology Teacher

West African Kente Cloth Multi-canvas

Art Team Building


Montini Catholic High School, Lombard, IL

Challenge: Create a Peer Ministry art team building activity for faculty and students in celebration of Black History Month.

Approach: Create a multi-canvas project that teaches the history of an African art form, adapting the process to acrylic paint and canvas.

Solution: The Kente Cloth collaborative art project divided the group into teams, with each member tasked with creating their own individual sections of the African ‘kente cloth mural. 

The day began with a detailed historical account of the original cloth creation process, team assignments, and interactive dialogue. Despite the large number of students, our multi-camera tech package enabled all students to have a front row seat.

Results: A multi-canvas mural was created for school-wide display, additionally students and faculty learned

  • Color theory and color mixing.
  • The history of the kente cloth
  • Design/planning/implementation/collaboration