10 Reasons a Virtual Paint Party is Perfect
for Your Team

 Virtual paint parties are no longer a fix to being quarantined, they are becoming a preferred activity for teambuilding! Why? 
1. For you, our event planner: It’s super simple to execute, hands-off and easy to plan. 
Here’s why:
  • You pick a date
  • Select an image from our extensive collection or maybe you’d like a custom one.
  • Provide us with your guests addresses and we will ship to you!
  • We send you a Zoom link and an invite for your team members
  • We put on a LIVE SHOW!
  • You’re team will love you!
2. For your team: We guarantee they’ll have fun!
  • no pressure to draw, we provide a traceable image
  • Doctors, tech geeks, mathematicians they can all successfully paint, they just don’t know it yet

3. Everyone can be an artist! Even the guy who says he can’t draw a stick figure can paint a “hang-worthy” piece of art.

4. Live instruction! We have the best instructors to ensure you’re guests have a great experience

5. TRIVIA – YES! Via your client portal, you’ll answer a few questions allowing us to customize the experience for your team! Your instructor creates and jovial atmosphere encouraging everyone to interact and its just lots of fun!

6. Art student quality tools – You get our thick bodied acrylic paint, student brushes, palette knife and color mixing tray

7. We teach real skills! Your team members actually LEARN how to paint

8. Boost creativity! Painting stimulates the creative self and opens the mind to new possibilities and ideas. When people paint they sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation, and as an added bonus, it boosts memory skills. 

9. Team bonding! Painting relaxes you and lowers the defense mechanisms. Painting together levels the playing field, makes everyone feel a sense of commonality.

10. A memorable experience! The act of interacting with paint and colors is a child-like experience, taking each team member back to probably the first time they ever interacted with color. Super FUN and memorable experience.

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas, is an event planner, graphic designer and artist. She is Creative in Chief at Art Studio 928 in La Grange, IL.


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