What's Your Secret Sauce?

What’s your secret sauce? What sets you apart from the rest? The answer is as simple as “YOU”.

That thing that makes you unique can be the way you turn a phrase, comb your hair, offer support, curve a line, or arrange a vase.

Sometimes its tough just to believe in yourself. I know! I have to give myself a pep talk once in awhile. Cheryl, don’t compare yourself to others.

Revel in your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to share it with the world!

Each article your write, speech that you give, work that you submit, is unique. Don’t judge the work you do. Revel in its originality. 

We connect, engage and delight teams with art!

Artwork – “Sia”
Colored pencil on 8’x8″ colored paper
Artist: Cheryl Vargas

#innovation #creativity #leadership #business #employeeengagement

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas, is an event planner, graphic designer and artist. She is Creative in Chief at Art Studio 928 in La Grange, IL.


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