The PERFECT morale-building activity!

Art-based employee created art projects

that connect and delight!

Unique Employee Engagement Ideas

There’s nothing like ART for a great team morale boosting activity.

Memorable, impactful and engaging team building experiences that make heroes out of leaders.

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Unique ART Experiences to Delight Your Team!


  • Canvas, watercolors, acrylic or pastels and other art supplies
  • Art Student Brushes
  • Palette knife and trays
  • Gifts and WINE
  • USPS 1-3 Day Priority
  • Note and Gift Cards
  • Bulk Painting Supplies


  • Expert stimulating instruction
  • Mind-blowing art history
  • State-of-the-art camera wizardry
  • Private LIVE Zoom Room for up to 300
  • Multiple break out rooms available
  • Engaging mind benders and conversation starters
  • Beautiful studio sets


  • Boughton Golf Course, lots of parking and private space!
  • In-person paint and sip for team celebrations, wedding shower or sorority event.
  • Minimum 25 guests.
  • You can decorate the room for your event.
  • Have a hybrid event so guests who can't make it, can see it LIVE!
  • So much fun and interaction!

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