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I've chosen my favorite, highly rated Amazon products for you to try. By purchasing you'll be supporting our black-owned, woman-owned small business and for that, we thank you in advance.

Studio 928 ART BOXES

Our ART BOXES: Designed for the beginner artist.
The BRUSHES: The right TOOLS for all of our paintings.
The PAINTS: 6 Acrylic colors DESIGNED to mix every color you'll NEED!

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Watercolor Paint and Supplies

A perfect highly pigmented beginner set of watercolors. Studio 928 favorites. Mild staining.

Intensely pigmented colors, fantastic bleeds, low staining professional grade. Love them.

These colors are very nice. Professional grade as well. Great if you want the portability of a palette.

This is a watercolor palette with lots of room for liquid paints.

Washi Tape

Washi tape or artist's tape is used to secure your paper to your surface to prevent warping while you paint. These tapes and masking fluid can be used to create borders, frames and designs on watercolor paper.

Masking Fluid - create patterns and block off white space on your paper.

Washi Tape - a thinner, less expensive option for creating patterns and borders.

Artist's Tape - for creating precise borders around your watercolor art.

Paint Water & Brush Holder - This little container is the bomb! Holds and helps clean your brushes

Watercolor Paper

I recommend using a minimum of #140lb weight, cold-pressed watercolor paper for watercolor painting. If you're not purchasing a "block" of paper, be sure to use washi tape or artist's tape to secure your paper to your surface to prevent warping.

Watercolor Block #140

This paper is secured on all four sides to prevent warping while painting. A personal favorite for framable finished pieces.

Watercolor Pad #140

This is a great pad for practicing and creating. Great for practicing and for beginners.

Watercolor Cards #140

Great for creating your own notecards in bulk.

Paint Water & Brush Holder

Great for creating your own notecards or gifts.

Acrylic and Oil Paint Supplies

What's the difference between a "canvas board" and a "stretched canvas"? A canvas board is most likely cotton canvas glued to a hard piece of paperboard or cardboard and primed with gesso, a sort of sealer. You'll find that canvas board is a bit less expensive than stretched canvas, so it is great for practicing. To display a canvas board painting attach a stick on hanger thingy to the back. (yes, that's an artist's term).

Stretched canvas is typically linen or cotton stretched over a rectangluar or square wooden frame and is then gessoed (sealed) to prep it for painting. It is typically a more expensive canvas than a canvas board. The more a canvas is prepped, the higher the cost.

Artist's Loft Brand

A dependable beginner brand acrylic paint with vibrant colors. What I used when I was learning how to paint with acrylics.


Student grade acrylics that we used in art school. But use them right away, I've found that they don't have a long shelf life.


I've found these to be really highly pigmented, satisfying colors to use. A bit more expensive, so if you feel like splurging.

US Art Supplies Oils

A super reliable beginner's level paint set that will satisfy your oil painting urge with brilliant colors and lots of color options.

Mark Kistler's Draw Squad

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