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I've chosen my favorite, highly rated Amazon products for you to try. By purchasing you'll be supporting our black-owned, woman-owned small business and for that, we thank you in advance.

Watercolor Paper

I recommend using a minimum of #140lb weight, cold-pressed watercolor paper for watercolor painting. If you're not purchasing a "block" of paper, be sure to use washi tape or artist's tape to secure your paper to your surface to prevent warping.

Watercolor Block #140

Paper is secured on all four sides to prevent warping while painting.

Watercolor Pad #140

This is a great pad for practicing and creating.

Watercolor Cards #140

Great for creating your own notecards in bulk.

Paint Water & Brush Holder

Great for creating your own notecards or gifts.

Acrylic and Oil Paint Supplies

What's the difference between a "canvas board" and a "stretched canvas"? A canvas board is most likely cotton canvas glued to a hard piece of paperboard or cardboard and primed with gesso, a sort of sealer. You'll find that canvas board is a bit less expensive than stretched canvas, so it is great for practicing. To display a canvas board painting attach a stick on hanger thingy to the back. (yes, that's an artist's term).

Stretched canvas is typically linen or cotton stretched over a rectangluar or square wooden frame and is then gessoed (sealed) to prep it for painting. It is typically a more expensive canvas than a canvas board. The more a canvas is prepped, the higher the cost.

Artist's Loft Brand

A dependable beginner brand acrylic paint with vibrant colors.


I've found these to be really highly pigmented, satisfying colors to use. A bit more expensive, so if you feel like splurging.

US Art Supply Oils

A super reliable beginner's level paint set that will satisfy your oil painting urge with brilliant colors and lots of color options.