What is a Paint and Sip? What's All the Fuss About?

What is a paint and sip? The short answer is it’s hot, its trendy and it’s a lot of fun! How did it get started?

My research shows that organized paint parties started back as early as 2007 with Corks n Canvas in Louisiana and today the paint and sip industry has over 1000 companies nationwide. (Keegan, 2015)

Personally, I think paint and sips started with artists like Toulouse LaTrec, Jackson Pollock or Diego Rivera who painted while they sipped fine wine, and listened to great music and entertainment. As artists and entrepreneurs, we “event artists” bring a little taste of creativity to people who don’t normally allow themselves the time to experience it. And you know what? It’s addictive, and that’s a good thing. The world needs more art.

At Least 30% of paint and sip guests come back

The reasons vary as to why people return. If I may reference very informal, non-scientific research conducted by Studio 928, these actual comments from post-event surveys give a bit of insight. People gave the following reasons for returning a 2nd or 3rd time:

  • Because its fun and close to home
  • I don’t have to clean up afterwards
  • Gets me out of the house in a non-threatening environment
  • It was fun hanging with like-minded people
  • This is so much better than the bar scene
  • I can actually talk to my friends
  • You guys were so patient

I think another reason a paint and sip is such a popular form of recreation is that people get to express themselves creatively. Often our jobs, home environments or circumstances don’t allow for that. And we as humans have an innate desire to be able to express ourselves that way.

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas

Cheryl Vargas, is an event planner, graphic designer and artist. She is Creative in Chief at Art Studio 928 in La Grange, IL.