Why is blue the most popular color in the world?

Why is blue the most popular color in the world including China?

Studies show…

*People are more productive in blue colored rooms.

*The color blue induces calm and peace within us, particularly the deeper shades.

*The color blue is least common in our food. Do you remember the last time you ate a blue colored food?

*Only 8% of people have blue eyes.

*The color blue is mostly preferred by men.

The truth is blue is the most popular color, being preferred by more than 35% of world’s population which basically means that every 4 people in a group of ten favor blue over any other color.

And this is surprising because blue also happens to be the rarest occurring color in nature.

Though WHERE the color blue appears is very significant of course.

Our seas and skies are the various colors of sapphires and topaz.

The color blue is also associated with loyalty and trust.

Let’s test out the popularity of the color blue.

What is your favorite color?

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