We Make Teams
Stronger with Art!

Check out of “work mode” and build connections with your remote team at our virtual and hybrid art events. (art box and shipping included)

How it all Works

Our virtual art events are a colorful team building exercise for teams of any size, in any location.

We combine hands on art activities, art history, trivia, probing team questions, and light hearted interaction to form lasting bonds within a team.

We offer watercolors, acrylic painting and chalk pastel mediums

1. Request a Quote

Fill out the form and tell us all about what you envision for your virtual art event.

2. Customize Your Events

Choose the image you want to paint, and trivia theme for the event. Images include Bob Ross landscapes, Harlem Renaissance artists and more.


3. We Ship Supplies to Your Team

Your team will receive their art boxes in the mail 3-5 days before your event. We also ship internationally.


4. We Use Zoom for Fun

You’ll receive a private Zoom link to share with your team so they can join the fun!

Your Co-workers Should Be More Than a Face on a Screen

Since March 2020, we’ve been overcommunicating. There’s more emails, more slack messages, more meetings, more PRESSURE on remote workers to respond immediately.

It’s not natural to only talk with your coworkers through a screen. On top of that, you only talk to your immediate team. Relationships across teams are harder to start. Companies are more siloed than ever and that kills innovation.

Show Your Team You Appreciate Them

According to remote workers, these are the most successful ways that managers can show appreciation.

We offer all three!!

Food Options

Free (to the employee) Online Learning

Small Gifts

Build Relationships
that Boost Innovation

When your team is disconnected, innovation stops. Our best ideas come when we talk with people on different teams and with different expertise.

Our art-based team-building events bring people together and turn strangers into teammates.


Make New Hires Feel Welcomed

Had a recent hiring surge? Are there people on your team who have never seen each other outside of a work call? Let’s change that!

We ask your team a combination of light hearted and trivia questions that help break the ice and make people feel more comfortable with each other.

Keep Your Best
Workers from Leaving

About 55% of Americans will look for a new job in the next few months. About 47% of engaged employees are looking for new jobs.

Employees want more than competitive pay and benefits. 

Our art programs help employees feel appreciated and connected to their team members.


Learn About
Pregnant Paintbrushes

Yes, paintbrushes can be pregnant. We’ll teach what that means and other artistic techniques including:

  • Why use different brushes
  • How to properly mix paint colors
  • How to create different brush strokes

We create better artists after just ONE class.

Meet Your Master of
(Art) Ceremonies

Cheryl Vargas watched Bob Ross paint “happy little trees” and thought “I can do that!” While the rest of us were hypnotized by Bob’s voice, and after her B.A. in Graphic Arts, she picked up a brush and started Studio 928. She’s been an artist for 20+ years.

Cheryl started hosting art-based team-building out of a desire to enhance the creative child in all of us while providing a program to engage and connect teams.


What Our Teams are Saying

Virtual Team Building Event

Scheduling a virtual art event for your team is super simple. All you have to do is choose your event, pick a date, and send us your guest list. We’ll handle the rest.

DIY Art Box

Can’t get the whole team together? You can have the DIY Appreciation Box sent to anyone on your team and let them paint with a pre-recorded paint lesson.