The World’s Best Team Building Art Projects

Virtual and In-Person Team Building Art Projects for Adults

SAMPLE OF What's in the BOX!

What's in your Virtual Team Building Art Box?

  • Stretched canvas
  • Studio 928 Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Palette knife|palette trays
  • A reference image
  • Optional: Wine

Virtual Paint and Sip Team Building

  • Enter a LIVE Zoom room for up to 300 people
  • We regale your team with pop culture or customized trivia to suit your vibe
  • FOUR camera angles so everyone has a bird’s-eye view
  • Experience our stunning studio sets 
  • A connected and engaging host

In-Person Team Building Through Art

  • Team building through are is a way to connect on a visceral level. We bring our show to your headquarters or venue. Min 25 guests or up to 200+
  • Our Multi-camera tech package ensures a great vantage point for all!
  • Let us customize an art experience as we’ve done for these corporate teams.
  • We inspire and energize with humor, trivia and excellent art instruction.
  • Your team leaves with their very own Studio 928 acrylic paint and brushes.

Let Our Clients Paint You a Picture…

We are actively ENGAGED in CHICAGOLAND!

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Team Building is an ART

Step One

Select a TEAM BUILDING Art Project that sounds like fun for your team!

Step Two

Complete THE FORM so that we can RESERVE your team building event.

Step Three

Secure your date with a 25% deposit.

Step Four

Lights! Camera! Art team building!

Give the People
What They Want!

We ship wine directly to your team,
while a portion of your purchase goes to charity.

Inspire a Change of Art

Motivate, engage, and inspire your team. Our art classes are a safe space where your team can de-stress, shift their perspective, and stretch their creative legs.