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Our virtual and on-site paint parties are simple to execute, so much fun and teams come back again and again!

And we ship wine!

Painting together is an engaging, simple to implement (we do the work) art-based, team building experience that's different every time!

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Not only is painting FUN, ART supports mental health, creativity and reduces stress!


  • Canvas, watercolors, acrylic or pastels and other art supplies
  • Art Student Brushes
  • Palette knife and trays
  • Gifts and WINE
  • USPS 1-3 Day Priority
  • Note and Gift Cards
  • Bulk Painting Supplies


  • Expert stimulating instruction
  • Mind-blowing art history
  • State-of-the-art camera wizardry
  • Private LIVE Zoom Room for up to 300
  • Multiple break out rooms available
  • Engaging mind benders and conversation starters
  • Beautiful studio sets


  • Boughton Golf Course, lots of parking and private space!
  • In-person paint and sip for team celebrations, wedding shower or sorority event.
  • Minimum 25 guests.
  • You can decorate the room for your event.
  • Have a hybrid event so guests who can't make it, can see it LIVE!
  • So much fun and interaction!


Studio 928 Paint Brushes and Paint Sets!

We are excited to offer our very own line of paint brushes and paint sets!

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We've Got Wine!

Send wine directly to your leadership team members AND a portion of your purchase goes to charity!

Meet Your Master of
(Art) Ceremonies

Cheryl Vargas switched from painting “happy little trees” with Bob Ross to thinking “Everyone can be an artist!”

While the rest of us were hypnotized by Bob’s voice, and after her B.A. in Graphic Arts, she picked up a brush and started teaching through Studio 928. She’s been an artist for 20+ years.

Cheryl shares her love for art with leadership teams to address our primal need to create.

An avid problem solver and ideator, she attributes her quick thinking to being fully submersed in art on a regular basis.

Working with Studio 928 is a simple way to score high marks and GOAT status!


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